My Little Pony

Embark on an unforgettable birthday party beyond Equestria with these adorable My Little Pony FREE birthday printables. Join the Mane 6 – Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity. Meet new friends and exciting challenges on a quest to use the magic of friendship and having a great party!

Peppa Pig

It’s time for the ultimate Peppa Pig Party! Join Peppa Pig and his friend for a very muddy party with our adorable designed Peppa Pig Birthday FREE Prinatbles.

Paw Patrol

These cute and colorful Paw Patrol FREE Birthday Printables will help you create a birthday party your little adventurer is sure to love!

Birthday By Theme

Choosing a theme is a great place to start when it comes to planning the best bash possible. We offer over 100 FREE Printables of Themed Birthday Parties for children of any age – ranging from favorite pirate, superhero and princess to the latest Frozen, Cinderella and Big Hero 6 movies. Keep clicking to find the party that best matches you child’s favorite character, toy or activity.

Birthday Printables

We’ve got a huge variety of adorable designed printables of the most popular birthday party themes. For each theme you’ll find matching invitations, bookmarks, door hangers, award certificates, name tags, stickers and many more… When it comes to parties, these FREE Birthday Printables are perfect for celebrating any way you like!

Invitations By Theme

Let us help you by offering our FREE Printable Birthday Invitations collection. Your kids and their friends will be truly inspired by these stylish birthday invitations. All you have to do then is to customize the invitation with your child’s name, print out the invitation at home and send them off!

Coloring Pages

Keep your party guests entertained with these FREE Printable Coloring Pages! Find coloring pages that match your chosen birthday theme, print and use them as a great coloring activity for party guests, to put in the birthday loot bags, or as an activity while waiting for all your party guests to arrive.

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Birthday Printables

Play As You Learn

Birthday - Fun & Learning

Birthday party is a day of love and fun  to be remembered. Bitrhdays are also a golden opportunity to learn someimportant facts of life….

Birthday By Age Tips

1-2 years old. The party has to be small and simple, after all, this party is designed for the child’s parents and close family members…..

Invitation Tips

Number of guests. Birthday parties for preschoolers can accommodate a higher number, but still it is recommende that the  number of guests should not be too high….

How To Throw A Low Budget Birthday

Budget-friendly ways to celebrate your kids’ birthday,  without the high costs attached….

Birthday Activity Tips

One year. Toddlers aged one are not able to understand the party theme and they are still too small to fit into a group activity. Birthdays  for these toddlers are primarily designed for the family and a circle of close friends…..

Birthday Schedule Tips

The following tablet can help you in planning the activities during the birthday party. It is important to note that not all activities will take with the times allocated – games tend to be completed more quickly than expected….

Birthday Theme

If you thought about organizing a party and you just dont know where to start … think first of a theme for the party. Party theme should reflect the unique things that your child prefers….


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