Birthday Theme



If you thought about organizing a party and you just dont know where to start … think first of a theme for the party. Party theme should reflect the unique things that your child prefers: whether he (or she) loves to play sports games (or sports in general), a favorite TV show, book, movie , animal, favorite color , any memorable experience, place, nature and the list is endless.

The advantages in choosing a birthday party theme:

  • Allows to bind and target the various elements at a party on a particular topic and provides added value to the party .
  • Facilitates the process of party planning from start to finish: invitations, decorations, games, snacks and favors.
  • The child’s imagination combined with an adult guidance can be a fun entertaining experience.
  • Family “brainstorming”: raising words and events connected to chosen theme, and writing them down so they can be utilized for planning the party; for example a space themed birthday, can include words as spacecraft, launch, astronaut, stars, Star Wars movie etc.
  • Creating the atmosphere related to the subject – any subject has a unique atmosphere; a magic and mysterious atmosphere will be reflected in dark and silver colors and dimmed lights.
  • If you choose a theme – open your eyes and be aware of available objects: pictures, games, toys etc.  Look for these every-day things in your working place, at home or in the wild.
  • The party theme should incorporate and implement the various aspects of a birthday party; invitations, cake, activities, decoration and favors.
  • A successful birthday party is mainly related to proper planning of activities and fun, decorations, cakes and invitations, whether they are focused on some theme or not.

Have A Lot of Fun!

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