Birthday Activity Tips



One year. Toddlers aged one are not able to understand the party theme and they are still too small to fit into a group activity. Birthdays  for these toddlers are primarily designed for the family and a circle of close friends.


Two Years. At this age, children are very curious and love to be the center of attention. At age two, children love the company of their peers, but they do not participate actively in games. It is recommended to have a party that includes a small number of participants in order so you can devote enough attention to each child . The theme of the party has to be simple, familiar and easy to implement. Activities like singing, pasting premade labels on hats’ drawing and coloring are suitable for this age group. Avoid competitive games and invite parents to join the party. It is recommended to celebrate during the morning hours, when the children are awake and energized.


3-4 years. At this age, children benefit from investigating and discovering  the environment and therefore the activity should be adapted to these needs. Activities such as hidden objects, and noncompetitive games that are easy to understand and play, like moving while playing a song and
creating simple and easy crafts.  Adjust the party time schedule to that of your child, If he/she usually goes to sleep in the afternoon it is better to have the party in the morning and vice versa.


4 years. Children are more likely to be engaged in group activities. They especially love to dress up and discover hidden treasures. Most children at this age enjoy simple non-competitive games . It is also a wonderful age for creating simple crafts . Recommended topics : birthday animals, dinosaurs birthday, Teletubbies birthday and Winnie the Pooh.


5 years. At this age children tend to be more willing to be engaged in group activities. Try to minimize the number of competitive games. Children like to present different characters from famous books or movies.  Temes suitable for the five years old are: Princess,  Fairy, Harry Potter, Pirates and more.


6-10 years. At the age of six children are more likely to comply with the provisions and guidelines of group activities, games are becoming more sophisticated (such as finding a hidden treasure using written notes, etc.). It is important to present the game instructions in a simple and clear manner. Children enjoy playing in competitive teams and different races.


10 years and over. Boys and girls this age are usually more active and therefore the overall party physical activities will fill the need for removal of excess energy … Children this age love to mimic adults and feel they can do pretty well without the help of parents. For this reason, it is recommended that adults should watch from the sidelines rather than be involved in running the party.
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