Birthday by Age Tips



1-2 years old. The party has to be small and simple, after all, this party is designed for the child’s parents and close family members. The party should continue for an hour or, at most an hour and a half. Avoid overloading the toddler with gifts, as he might be confused and frightend. One of the nicest gifts at this time is to purchase smooth map or Bristol and give each guest to write or draw something to remember. It is a gift that will be a treasured memory later in life …Dancing, singing, and reading a story is the recommended activities for this age group.


3 years. You can invite a very limited number of friends (3-4 toddlers). Remember that the ability to concentrate at this age is limited in time. Party takes an hour to an hour and a half is enough in this age group. Hiring a professional clown or playing games in which eyes are closed, are not recommended for this age because they might scare the little ones. Recommended activities include playing while sitting or standing in circuit, independent games and very simple craft activities.


4 years. At this age, birthday parties receive an entirely different meaning. The children are excited and wish to participate in selecting games and activities for their birthdays. Short and simple activities are suitable for this age. The party should last for an hour and a half to two and a half hours. After an hour of activities the children might become restless, at this stage you could offer some pillows and blankets for those wishing to rest and/or let them watch a short familiar film.

5 years.  At the age of 5 children are more mature and fit nicely in team play competitive and balloons games. Again, as with the 4 years old kids,  a short film can offer a break and rest between activities and rest. Recommended party duration at this age is about two and half to three hours.


6-10 years. School aged children want to take a bigger part in organizing and planning their own party. Try to share with the organization, preparation and shopping for the party. Competitive games and quizzes on various subjects can inspire interest and curiosity at these ages. The recommended duration of the party is three hours sufficient for gaming, creative activities (not too complicated), eating cake and opening presents.


10 years and older. Children at this age are mature enough to decide what activities, decorations and food they would like to have in their birthdays. Many times you should even allow them to plan and organize the party entirely on their own and help only when they ask for it. The party can be held in outside attractive places like the zoo, museum, bowling, pool etc.

Remind yourself that at any age, the primary goal is to have a happy and fulfilled child.
If at the end of the day, if you were fortunate enough to get a kiss or a hug from a happy child – you did it!

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