How to throw a low budget birtday



Budget-friendly ways to celebrate your kids’ birthday,  without the high costs attached:

  • Choose a birthday theme that does not require great expenditure. There are several themes that require greater investmens, choose a simple and easy to operate theme and items you can create at home.
  • Use electronic invitations. There are numerous sites which make it easy to send out birthday invitations through email. If your child’s school doesn’t include email addresses in the school directory, ask your child’s teacher to get them for you.
  • Try to set a time limit for the party. An hour and a half is a suitable time for younger children. For the older ones – two hours are the optimal duration. Chances of additional expenses are increase as the party goes on.
  • Keep it small. There is no need to invite the whole class  … You can invite  a small circle of your child’s close friends. This is another way by which you can  avoid additional expenses.
  • Throw the birthday party at time when there will be no need for preparing meals. The children will enjoy snacks, sandwiches and sweets equally, or even more.
  • Whether you decide to shop online or in your local store, the prices you pay for  birthday items (goody bags,  invitations, decoration, accessories  etc.) varies.  Before purchasing it is recommended to compare prices between various stores.
  • You could find items to fill favor bags at your local dollar store, or you could make your own. Buy “kits” that you can distributed  (pack of stickers, Lego box, balloons, etc.).
  • If your child’s birthday takes place in the summer time, throw the party at a local park or beach. Parties at the park are great for the younger child, while beach parties are better for the older child. The are many advantages to these options; very little planning, avoiding high costs, children are breathing fresh air and burning of extra energy…
  • Use relatives and friends. Maybe there are people in your family or among your friends with special talents than can be used in your birthday; baking cakes, painting, decorating , folding balloons etc.


Remind yourself that children enjoy the company of each other – the party’s success is not measured by the amount of money you spent,  but by the atmosphere of fun, joy and cooperation…

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